Thursday, March 01, 2012

About the Death of Andrew Breitbart

So far I've heard 3 or 4 short news stories on the radio, some on NPR, and read a few. Most talked about him as if he were an honorable man.

As for his real persona, the only comments I heard were that he was "controversial." While the reports talked about his expose of Anthony Weiner, they never mentioned the foaming-at-the-mouth sadistic glee he took in that affair. And most said nothing at all about Shirley Sherrod, Van Jones or ACORN, where his satanic majesty destroyed the careers of really honorable people working hard to help America live up to its values and ideals.

It's the rabid attack on those values and ideals that he should be remembered for, not as a fearless crusading conservative for all that is holy, as the media's hagiography concludes. And so we all are supposed to be graceful and say nice things, and be sensitive to the grief his loved ones are no doubt feeling. And even though Breitbart would be dancing on our graves, as he did with Ted Kennedy, we are supposed to take the high road and be respectful--after all, he died far too young. Doesn't that earn him some slack from the left?

No, what he earned is to be immortalized as an exemplar of the worst humanity has to offer.